My Icelandic Horses

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Anonymous said: Oh I'm sorry :) I thought you're speaking German , but you're German is very good ! Thanks for your answer :) how many Horses do you have / had? Greetings

Thank u :) But luckily your english is waaay better than my german, haha! I had three horses, now I hav two -  the black mare is dead. She broke her neck somehow - we don’t know what happened. One day I just noticed that she had almost no movement in the neck. So she was on medication for a couple of months where we fed her by hand, and she was hospitalized where they did all kind of tests and treatments, but they never found the reason - neither the cure. So she was put down, for her own sake. It broke my heart, but I know it was the best for her.

What about u? :)

Anonymous said: How old are you? Beautiful Blog 😍

Thank you, honey!
I’m 20 years young, haha

Anonymous said: Hei ich würde mir gerne ein isi mit meiner Mutter (kann nicht reiten möchte es auf 'unserem' Pferd lernen) kaufen bin aber erst 15 . Wann hast du dein Pferd bekommen ? Findest du es zu früh?

Ich werde einfach Start sagen, dass ich spreche schlecht Deutsch, haha. Als ich 10 war, bekam ich mein erste Pferd. Ich glaube nicht, dass es zu früh ist. Aber es ist natürlich eine große Verantwortung ;-)

tacklessriding said: Hej, where are you from?

Hii - I’m from Denmark, and you? :)

silvernyans said: Hey! Your horses are really beautiful. Can you tell me their names? :)

Thank you so much :) The red one is Brandúr - it’s an icelandic name that means something like fire. The vindott one is Sölvi which means beautiful horse. And the black one is Björk.